How long have you been a spell caster?
I have always been a spell caster! I was born into a family of spell casters, which technically makes me a hereditary spell caster.  I ‘knew’ lot about spells from my growing up years and I worked with my family and alongside other knowledgeable people which gave me the full training so to speak. So basically I have worked with the spells in my own right for over 15 years.

Will you cast a spell for me?
I expect so! I will need to undertake some basic checks which are known as “divinations” to make sure there is a fighting chance for your spell to work and to ensure that there isn’t a karmic reason why I cannot cast for you.

Will you cast a black magic spell for me?
No. One simple word is the answer to this question – always. But I will explain why this is. There is always a way to work with and improve a situation ethically without resorting to black magic. A way in which everyone will come out the other side unharmed, happy and healthy. Black magic doesn’t work like this. If you want black magic then I am not going to try to stop you. I would advise against paying someone else to cast in this manner, but would I try to stop you?- no. Remember if someone is happy to cast a black magic spell that could harm another, would they think twice at harming you if you had to raise questions of their work or practices? Maybe use that as your guide when choosing a black magic caster.

Do your spells always work?
I would love to say yes they do, but that wouldn’t be true. Spells cannot be guaranteed to bring a particular outcome that is because we are dealing with forces that we harness to help us rather than dictate to. Mostly I get a full manifestation of my spells, sometimes our aims aren’t completed completely and we see partial result or improvement. The success rate for spells depends on whether I am casting for someone that I know, someone that I do not know, as I would on the internet, or myself. My own spells have an exceptionally high success rate, but that’s because I know my own details and I do not bend the truth when setting goals or planning what needs to be done. Sometimes we are even guided gently away from a situation without us realising this, and something new or better will occur, sometimes something we haven’t thought of or hoped for, and we may not even see it  until much further down our life path. Some spells won’t work no matter who casts them, or the type of cast. These are mostly because of karmic influences, but I try to weed out these during my initial checks. But of course I am not GOD! I am only human just like you.  But you will not get a negative outcome from your spell. Remember it IS rare for a spell to do nothing at all.

Can you guarantee your spells will work for me?
No. No one can really guarantee that any spell will work. It’s not possible because we are harnessing powers outside of our control and asking for help and assistance to bring about our deepest desires. I offer a guarantee that I will always have your happiness as my highest priority. I will always treat you with kindness and respect, I will always actually cast your spell! Yes, I am saying I will cast the spell, you would be surprised how many don’t actually do anything! And I will advise you in a compassionate and sincere way. I may tell you that I cannot help you, and if I do it would only be because I don’t feel that I am genuinely able to. Not for any other reason.

Would I get a refund if my spell doesn’t work for me?
I do not offer refunds for spells . If you would like to book with me then I can and will promise you my full attention to your case and your needs and a high level of skill going into each cast. But regardless of the outcome, be it in full, partial or even if you do not get your outcome you desire, I will still have bought all of the materials, paid all associated costs, spent hours of my time in the planning and casting not to mention in the communications between us too. These things cannot be regained once they have passed and the costs are exactly the same for a fully manifesting spell as one that doesn’t. So in the rare event that your spell didn’t bring you exactly what you were hoping for there will not be a refund I am afraid. If this isn’t a chance that you wish to take then looking around the internet you will find someone that does offer a ‘guarantee’ but getting them to stick to it or not to offer you abuse when you ask for the refund could be an entirely different matter. Unfortunately to cast properly does take a high level of skill, lots of time and expensive ingredients/materials and these things are not free.

Where are you based? and Can I come and see you?
I am based in South Africa, and if you want yes you can come see me.

Will you work on my case if I am already having spells cast someone else?
I will always try to help if I can and if you are having spells cast already as long as I feel that my work will be of help to you then I will still be happy to help you. Some casters don’t like anyone to be involved at the same time as them, but I am not one of those people.

How do I know you are not a scammer?
This is a question I get asked almost every day. So I thought I would tackle it here and hopefully allay some fears. Firstly I am not a ‘scammer’  I know that, but you don’t! So for now you only have my word to go on. I usually suggest to people that are unsure that they take some time to think about whether they feel comfortable working with me, and whether they find my site worthwhile and sincere. If they don’t then they need to continue their search for the right person  to cast a spell. However at the same time I also suggest that they think about what they consider a ‘scammer’. If  you book a spell and pay for it and never hear from the caster again, that could be classed as a scam, if they promise you that everything will be guaranteed to be fine and it’s not or they later say you need to buy more and more spells, that too sounds dodgy. If someone tries to use fear tactics on you then that will also raise an alarm. But if a spell doesn’t work for you, or manifest partly but not fully is that a scam? The latter can happen to anyone. Just because you do not get your result that wouldn’t be classed as a scam. That is something you have undertaken, hopefully with full knowledge but hasn’t been successful. That could also be the case with working with a lawyer in court or with a doctor or specialist. It is a fact of life that not everything in this work works out to our liking, that doesn’t mean it is a scam. My suggestion if you feel you have been scammed is to continue to communicate your fears to the person involved., there could be a good reason why they haven’t done something or replied to you. have you given them your phone number so they have another method of contact if your email was down for instance? Thinking of these things before labelling someone a scammer,is a good idea and something that quite often can bring a solution instead of walking away unhappy. And lastly spells don’t manifest overnight, so be realistic and allow time for the work to take effect. A good caster will keep you updated and be in touch even when there isn’t much to say just to check how you are feeling etc.

Are you available every day?
I am available every day except Wednesdays . Sometimes I am around on Wednesdays too but not always. I will always reply to you as quickly as I can as I know that your personal situation may be playing on your mind or you could be looking for help in a crisis situation. I always reply to people, even after my work with you is complete I will not start to ignore you or mess you around which is something that I know a lot of people have experienced elsewhere. I pride myself with a strong emphasis on good communication.